Suggested Hikes

Here are some suggested day hikes along the Mason-Dixon Trail:

Lock 12 / Osprey Nest to Holtwood Dam, PA Map of M-DT / Otter Creek Trails, PA
Urey Overlook / Otter Creek Loop, PA Oakland Run / Eagle Bypass Loop, PA
Gifford Pinchot State Park Loop, PA Devil's Hole, PA
Otter Creek / Urey Overlook Trails, PA M-DT / North Park Loop Trail, MD
M-DT/Otter Creek Loop, PA Iron Hill Park / M-DT Trail Map, DE

If you have any other hikes along the Mason-Dixon Trail that you would like to share,
please send them to The Webmaster.

Disclaimer: Please note that hiking is a strenous activity and exposes one to adverse conditions. The Mason-Dixon Trail System makes no guarantees as to the length, difficulty, terrain or water sources listed in these hike descriptions and is not responsible for any mishaps that may occur while hiking on the M-DT.

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