New Signs Along the M-DT


When the Mason-Dixon Trail was conceived back in 1979 the original members had planned on having trail signs along the trail. These signs would show the mileage to upcoming places of interest. That plan was a long time in the making. We didn't get signs at the western and eastern terminus of the M-DT until the mid 1980's. And we didn't get a mileage sign on the M-DT until the one placed on High Point Scenic Vista and Recreation Area around 2007.

Just recently Jim Hooper, the immediate past president of the Mason-Dixon Trail System, installed some signs along the M-DT south of Wrightsville, PA. The first one is located around the Fishing Creek Area and lists the eastbound distances to Green Branch, the Apollo Park Shelter and Urey Overlook. The second is also around the Fishing Creek Area and lists the westbound distances to Native Lands and High Point. You can verify these distances on our Mason-Dixon Trail Distance Calculator.

Jim also installed a westbound sign in the Otter Creek Area. He is looking for reccomendations for waypoints on the corresponding eastbound sign. You can contact him here. These signs will definitely help hikers and runners along the M-DT. So the vision of the founders of the Mason-Dixon Trail to have mileage signs along it is finally coming to fruition. Thanks, Jim, for making these signs and placing them along the trail.
Eastbound M-DT sign at Fishing Creek, PA
  Eastbound M-DT sign at Fishing Creek, PA
Westbound M-DT sign at Fishing Cree, PA
  Westbound M-DT sign at Fishing Creek, PA

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