Recently Uncovered M-DTS Pre-History


The 40th anniversary of the Mason-Dixon Trail System will occur in 2019. As
One of the earliest known M-DTS documents
  One of the earliest known M-DTS documents.
part of the preparation for this event Ron Gray and Mike Calabrese have been going through the old, dusty notebooks of the organization and have been scanning and uploading various documents of the M-DTS to a Google drive for members to see. We have already uploaded 38 years worth of newsletters, agreements, correspondence and other important documents. We'll tell you how you can access these documents at the end of this article.

All of the documentation that we had come across until recently stated that the Mason-Dixon Trail (originally known as the Brandywine-Susquehanna Trail) was first discussed in April, 1979. After some organizational meetings it was chartered and incorporated in September, 1979. The organization then grew from there. Or so we thought.

In January, 2017 Ron Gray came across a collection of letters and other documents that were written by board members of the Wilmington Trail Club as far back as 1975 advocating a foot traffic trail at first from the Brandywine River in Pennsylvania to the Susquehanna River in Maryland. Later, this was expanded to Wrightsville, PA and finally to Whiskey Spring west of Dillsburg, PA.
Original hand written M-DTS Constitution/Bylaws
  Original hand written M-DTS Constitution/Bylaws.
M-DTS founder Robert Yost was Trails supervisor and later president of the Wilmington Trail Club during this time.

There are some images of these documents accompanying this article. Please pardon the typos. So the Wilmington Trail Club was credited with getting the ball rolling in establishing the Mason-Dixon Trail. They got interest in the trail started and contributed to the building of the M-DT.

If you are a member of the M-DTS and would like to have access to these historic documents, please Contact Us. Not a member? Then Join Us.

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