Possible M-DT Future Relocations


As of 06-17-2017 the following are possible future relocations along the Mason-Dixon Trail:

Map 1, Miles 0.00-6.3 W->E: We are in discussions with the Boy Scouts of America about possibly relocating the western 2 miles of the M-DT through Tuckahoe Scout Camp. This is a long term project as permission would also have to be sought from 4 other agencies in order to make this a reality.

Map 4, Miles 7.9-8.0 W->E: Jim Hooper wants to straighten out a short section of trail just west of Greenbranch RD.

Map 5, Miles 10.9-11.6 W->E: Awaiting approval from Excelon to get a half mile of trail off the road between Peavine Island and Lock 15.

Map 6, Miles 16.1-20.5 W->E: Awaiting approval from the quarry operator and state officials to get the M-DT off of Lapidum RD, MD155, Graceview DR and Quarry RD and onto a trail through the quarry.

Map 7, Miles 3.3-4.2 W->E: Awaiting approval from the Veterans Administration to reroute the M-DT around Perry point as well as through the woods along the east side of Marion Tapp Parkway.

Map 10, Miles 17.8-18.0 W->E: The Brandywine Trail was recently relocated onto Brandywine Museum land between the railroad tracks at Chadds Ford Industrial & Business Center and US 1. A parking area is planned to be built at the US 1 trailhead. We are exploring the possibility of co-locating with the Brandywine Trail to get the M-DT off the road for .2 miles. The eastern terminus of the M-DT would still be in Chadds Ford, PA, but about .2 miles south of Fairville RD on US 1.

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