Possible M-DT Future Relocations


As of 11-15-2017 the following are possible future relocations along the Mason-Dixon Trail:

Map 1, Miles 0.00-6.3 W->E: Awaiting approval from the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the Boy Scouts of America and 5 private land owners to relocate about 2.3 miles of the M-DT through Tuckahoe Scout Camp and SGL 305 west of Dillsburg, PA. This is a long term project to relocate the western terminus of the M-DT off of roads. Approval would also have to be sought from most of the above and 2 other government entities in order to make this a reality.

Map 3, Miles 6.7-8.0 W->E: We are in discussions with the Lancaster Conservancy about rerouting a section of the M-DT through the former Marietta Gravity Water Co. land north of Wrightsville, PA.

Map 4, Miles 7.9-8.0 W->E: Jim Hooper wants to straighten out a short section of trail just west of Greenbranch RD south of Wrightsville, PA.

Map 5, Miles 0.3-3.3 W->E: We are in discussions with the Lancaster Conservancy about rerouting a section of the M-DT through portions of land between Sawmill Run and SGL 181 east of Airville, PA.

Map 5, Miles 10.9-11.6 W->E: Awaiting approval from Excelon Generation to get a half mile of trail off the road between Peavine Island and Lock 15 northeast of Delta, PA.

Map 6, Miles 16.1-20.5 W->E: Awaiting approval from the quarry operator and a MD state official to get the M-DT off portions of Lapidum RD and MD155 and onto a trail around the quarry north of Havre de Grace, MD.

Map 7, Miles 3.3-4.2 W->E: Awaiting approval from the Veterans Administration to reroute the M-DT around their property at Perry Point, MD. The town of Perryville has already given us approval to re-route the M-DT through the Perryville Community Park portion of Perry Point as well as in the woods along a portion of Marion Tapp Parkway near Perryville, MD.

Map 7, Miles 7.8-8.6 W->E: The property owner has asked us to move the trail towards the back of their property right at the railroad property line east of Northeast, MD. We will probably work on this relocation either some time this winter (2017-18) or next spring (2018).

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