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How do you hydrate while hiking/running the Mason-Dixon Trail?
I use a bladder type system like a CamelBak or Platypus. 33 %
I use a bottle like a Nalgene, Deer Park or Gatorade Bottle 50 %
I don t hydrate while walking/running the M-DT but keep something in my vehicle for afterwards. 0 %
I hydrate somewhere along the M-DT such as a store, water fountain, stream, etc. 0 %
Other / No opinion / I have never hiked the M-DT / Please comment below. 17 %
Note: computed values are rounded and may not total 100%.

Posted by: MC on: 02-17-2017
I use either a Camelbak or a Nalgene/Gatorade/Deer Park bottle while hiking the M-DT.

Posted by: FNC on: 02-22-2017
I generally carry at least two 32 oz. Nalgene bottles and use them along the way.

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