Volunteer Opportunities within The M-DTS

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Board of Directors Openings- We have some upcoming openings on the Mason-Dixon Trail System Board of Directors. The job descriptions for these positions are listed Here. If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please Contact Us.

M-DTS Trail Publicist- Submits stories or articles about the Mason-Dixon Trail to various publications, makes sure that other trail clubs and/ or trail web sites have the correct link on them to the Mason-Dixon Trail. Works with the M-DTS Directors and Officers to further publicize the M-DTS not only to the local area but to interested outdoor enthusiasts in other parts of the United States and beyond. If you would like to apply for this volunteer position, please Contact Us .

Shuttle Service Providers- We are looking for shuttle service providers that can offer shuttle services to long distance hikers along the Mason- Dixon Trail. The ideal candidate should have a good size vehicle, preferably 4 or all wheel drive and in good working order, current insurance and a general geographic knowledge of the area surrounding the Mason-Dixon Trail. The general guidelines for what shuttle service drivers charge is $1.00 per mile which includes travel distance to and from picking up the M-DTS hiker as well as the actual distance shuttled. We will also list you in our Backpacking Info area under Taxis/Shuttles/Public Transportation. If you would like to apply for this position, please Contact Us .

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