Trail Maintenance

Help Maintain the M-DT
Anyone who hikes the Mason-Dixon Trail (M-DT) can help with maintenance. You can Patrol the M-DT while you hike by reporting problems with a description and location. While you're at it you can also clear small limbs and other debris from the trail and if you're really motivated you can hike with hand pruners and clip the small branches and leaves that have grown into the pathway.

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The essential role of maintaining the M-DT is performed by the Section Maintainer who assumes overall maintenance responsibility for one of the sections of the M-DT which average about 2 miles in length. The Section Maintainer ensures that their section is Patrolled and Cleared. Trail Clearing is performed with loppers and/or hedge shears to cut back branches and vegetation growing onto the pathway as well as folding saw to cut small branches (1-4 inches in diameter) that are too large for loppers and possibly a bow saw for branches larger than that.

Maintaining a section usually requires two trips a year for 4-6 hours of work on each trip. Some Section Maintainers will squeeze the work into one 8 hour day while others prefer to spread it out over 3 or 4 trips. The Section Maintainer may encounter problems that can't be addressed with these hand tools and require the use of power tools like a string trimmer or chain saw.

If the Section Maintainer has been trained and certified in the use of these power tools they can tackle the problem themselves. If not, they can contact the Trail Coordinator for their section to arrange for a work crew to tackle it.

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If you frequently hike a particular section of the M-DT and you want to help with Patrolling and Clearing but you're not sure you're up to being a Section Maintainer you could volunteer as a Maintainer's Assistant . As a Maintainer's Assistant you would coordinate your efforts with that section's Maintainer. A Maintainer's Assistant should not use any power tools (e.g. chainsaw, string trimmer) without first getting approval from the Section Maintainer.

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So if you are interested in finding out more about becoming a volunteer Section Maintainer or Maintainer's Assistant for the Mason-Dixon Trail, please Contact Us .

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Section Maintainer Needed Sign

Signs similar to this are present on the Mason-Dixon Trail in areas where Section Maintainers are needed.

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Maintainers: Please contact your section coordinator to obtain paint for blazing your section of the M-DT.  Don't forget to report any hours worked, travel time and what you did on your section to your trail coordinator promptly.

Send EMail to Western Section Coordinator
(Western Terminus to Lock 12, PA)

Send EMail to Central Section Coordinator
(Lock 12, PA to Havre de Grace, MD)

Send EMail to Eastern Section Coordinator
(Perryville, MD to Chadds Ford, PA)

M-DT Blazing Paint Colors

The Mason-Dixon Trail System utilizes the
A.T. Field Book: Maintenance & Rehabilitation Guidelines for its trail maintenance standards.

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