Lock 12/Osprey Nest to Holtwood Dam, PA

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Lock 12/Osprey Nest to Holtwood Dam, PA (distance about 2.3miles)

Highlights: Lock 12 of the Susquehanna Canal. Views of Mill Creek Falls, Susquehanna River, Holtwood Dam. and Ospreys.

Getting there: From the intersection of PA Routes 74 and 372, drive 2.2 mi east on PA 372. Just before the Norman Woods Bridge turn left onto River Rd. Park at the second, smaller lot on the right (33 River Rd, Airville, PA)

Directions: (See MDTS Map 5 and PPL map)

Hike downhill (towards the river) to Lock 12. The Mason-Dixon Trail crosses the lock (blue blazes).
Follow the Mason-Dixon up river to where the trail crosses the creek by using River Rd bridge.
Turn left off of road and follow the trail along the creek, past the falls to stone steps.
Climb the steps and hill to a great view.
Proceed down the hill to the power line clearing. The osprey nest is on a power pylon down hill from the trail (from March to June the nest is in use).
After watching the osprey, proceed down the trail to the road and Holtwood Dam.
Return to the parking lot by walking down river (south) on the road.

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