Possible Future M-DT Relocations


Here is a list of possible relocations that we are working on.
The mileage markers are based on the 2016 M-DT maps:

Date  01-22-2017 Map#  1 Mile#  0.0 Status:  Exploratory
Area Name:  Camp Tuckahoe and SGL 305, PA
Comments:  This one has been discussed for over 20 years. It involves rerouting the trail through Dillsburg and following Mountain RD->Dogwood LA, SR4045, Pine ST, Tuckahoe RD and the Orange Trail within Camp Tuckahoe to get to the AT near the Alec Kennedy Shelter. Other possible routes include going over Long Mountain within the last few miles before the present M-DT western terminus and intersecting the AT near the Alec Kennedy Shelter. With the first proposal we are concerned about the lack of sidewalks and heavy traffic along Mountain RD and SR4045. With the second proposal we are concerned with possible landowner issues and no parking area at the proposed western terminus.

Date  01-22-2017 Map#  1 Mile#  5.8 Status:  Proposed
Area Name:  Detour through Franklin Township Park, PA
Comments:  This detour is still in effect (as of 01/22/2017) until the Century LA bridge is rebuilt. The Franklin Township Board of Supervisors did invite us back to talk with them about the possibility of permanently routing the trail through the park after the bridge is rebuilt.

Date  01-22-2017 Map#  1 Mile#  6.7 Status:  Exploratory
Area Name:  SGL 243, PA
Comments:  We have explored the possibility of routing the trail through State Game Land 243 and PA194 through Franklintown to Cabin Hollow RD as opposed to just along Cabin Hollow RD. The issue is that we will probably have the same amount of road walking between SGL 243 and Cabin Hollow RD as there is without going through this game land. When and if a route through this SGL is decided, we will contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission for permission to re-route the trail through this SGL.

Date  01-22-2017 Map#  4 Mile#  7.9 Status:  Proposed
Area Name:  Between Greenbranch RD and Cuffs Run, PA
Comments:  Jim Hooper wants to relocate .2 mile of trail right at the beginning of this stretch to eliminate a quick up and down.

Date  01-22-2017 Map#  5 Mile#  10.9 Status:  Proposed
Area Name:  Between Peavine Island and Lock 15, PA
Comments:  Jim Hooper wants to talk to Exelon about getting some of that section off of the road.

Date  01-22-2017 Map#  6 Mile#  16.1 Status:  Awaiting Aproval
Area Name:  Between Lapidum RD & Quarry RD, MD
Comments:  We are waiting on approval by the quarry company. Bob Gaston has mapped out a route and is ready to start construction.

Date  01-22-2017 Map#  7 Mile#  1.8 Status:  Being Negotiated
Area Name:  Perryville Greenway, MD
Comments:  This is actually 2 re-locations. The first would route the trail under the US40 bridge along the Perryville Greenway and get the trail off of roads for about 2 miles. The Perryville Greenway is trying to acquire 1 tract of land to make this possible. The next involves re-routing the trail around Perry Point. The Perryville Greenway has approved this request. We are supposedly waiting on the Perry Point, MD VA Hospital to approve this request. This relocation would take the trail around Perry Point and increase it's length by about 2 miles.

Date  01-22-2017 Map#  9 Mile#  6.8 Status:  Being Negotiated
Area Name:  Christina River at Elkton RD Bridge near Newark, DE
Comments:  Pete McLaughlin reported that there are several parts near Christina Creek and Elkton Road bridge that he always thought were City owned that are actually privately owned. This may require a relocation.

Date  01-22-2017 Map#  10 Mile#  9.8 Status:  Being Negotiated
Area Name:  State Line Woods right at DE/PA Border
Comments:  Pete McLaughlin reported that Stateline Woods is having an issue with a short bit of trail thought to be on their land that is instead on private property. We may be able to solve with a re-route that uses better trails in that area too.

If you have any questions about these possible relocations, please Contact Us.

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