Century LA Bridge, PA / M-DT Temporary Re-Route

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At it's 10-12-2016 Board of Supervisors Meeting Franklin Township, PA approved a temporary re-route of the Mason-Dixon Trail around a bridge on Century LA in front of Franklin Township Park. This bridge was deemed structurally deficient and due to be rebuilt within the next 3 to 6 months. The M-DT will pass through Franklin Township Park in the interim.

No camping within Franklin Township Park. The park is open from dawn to dusk.

Below are the details of this re-route:


Mile 5.65- Turn left from Century LA into the Franklin Township Municipal Building parking lot. Walk to back of lot and along an implement road that leads from that lot. When the implement road bears left, bear right into the grass and around loose wire fence. Once you clear the fence, bear left and head for small bridge over Bermudian Creek. Walk along the asphalt walking path for about 100 feet. When you are between the concession stand/storage building and the restroom, turn right. Walk between the two buildings into the parking lot. Pass the two picnic pavilions on the right.
Mile 5.7- When you get to Century LA, turn left. You are now back on the Mason-Dixon Trail.

Mile 11.6- Turn right into the Franklin Township Park parking lot. Walk to the back of the lot and proceed between the concession stand/storage building and the rest rooms. When you clear the two buildings, turn left onto asphalt walking path. Cross small bridge over Bermudian Creek, then bear left into the grass and walk towards the end of the loose wire fence. After you walk around the fence bear slightly right and onto the implement road towards the parking lot. Walk through the parking lot to Century LA.
Mile 11.65- Turn right onto Century LA. You are now back on the Mason- Dixon Trail.

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