Should We extend the M-DT Westward?

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I usually do an internet search every few weeks for the term Mason-Dixon Trail to see if there are any interesting articles or videos that we could link to from this site. The last time that I did so I came across a few web sites
Future M-DT Westward Expansion?
  Future M-DT Westward Expansion?
dedicated to the western end of the Mason-Dixon Line. Then I thought to myself this morning while I was trying to get back to sleep: Wouldn't it be neat to extend the Mason-Dixon trail out to where Mason and Dixon laid the last stone along the line?

It is about 216 miles from Dillsburg, PA (the nearest town to the western terminous of the M-DT) to Core, WV if one drives. This is where the Mason-Dixon Historical Park is located. This park is jointly owned by Greene County and Monongalia County, WV. One can hike, fish, rent a pavillion or camp there. Linked to that site is another interesting local web site called Mason-Dixon Line Western Crossings. Maintained by Pete Zapadka, he talks about the markers and the history of the Mason-Dixon Line. He also mentions an annual hike in Mason-Dixon Historical Park to commemorate Mason & Dixon laying the last stone. The next one is Sunday, October 16, 2016. They plan to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the end of the Mason-Dixon Line Survey with a festival on October 14-15, 2017. There is also a Mason-Dixon Park that is north of 'The Line' in Mount Morris / Greene County, PA. It is privately run and specializes in various festivals and reunions.

So is it conceivable to extend the Mason-Dixon Trail out west to this location? Probably not. We have a tough time keeping the 200 miles that we have maintained and open. But could one hike from the M-DT western terminous at Whiskey Springs, PA to the Mason-Dixon Historical Park near Core, WV?

Doing a bit of research, I came up with a possible solution. One could pick up the Appalachian Trail at Whiskey Springs, PA, take it 92 miles south to the C&O Canal at Harpers Ferry, WV and take the C&O Canal Toepath about 125 miles west to Cumberland, MD. From there it gets a bit dicey. One would then have to take a series of rural roads to Coopers Rock State Forest, WV, a distance of about 80 miles. From Coopers Rock State Forest to Core, WV is 22 miles. And then to the park is another 3 miles north.   Resupply along the last stretch could be an issue.

Since you can't walk on the interstates a walking trek would end up being about 322 miles. Ouch. I think I'll just drive it. You never know, the M-DT could be extended to Core, WV some day.   But seriously, the western end of the Mason-Dixon line looks like a neat place to spend a few days exploring.

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