M-DTS Brochure to be Updated

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It's time to update the brochure that the Mason-Dixon Trail System has been using. Our current brochure has been used since 2012. A number of things have changed since our last brochure came out. We have a new president, our web site URL has changed, the Mason-Dixon Trail is 6 miles longer, we have a new treasurer and a number of new board members. 2012 Mason-Dixon Trail System Brochure

However, a number of things that were written in this brochure have not changed. The following statements are still true: "...no trail is ever completed. It must be maintained..." and ..."sometimes rerouted to get it off of roads and into the woods..." And the objectives of the M-DTS are "...to encourage use of these trails..., educate the public in responsible outdoor recreation..., establish and publicize facilities for hikers and backpackers..." and "...improving and maintaining the Mason-Dixon Trail...".

So we hope to have this new brochure our by the end of 2016. We are looking for suggestions for it. What should the new brochure look like? What should we say in it? How can we best communicate our message to people that love the outdoors to hike our trail, join our organization and help us maintain the M-DT. If you have any suggestions for this new brochure, please Contact Us.

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