Scout Leaders: You can help the M-DT

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When the Mason-Dixon Trail was being built in the early 1980's various Boy Scout Troops as well as individual Scouts were involved in it's construction and maintenance. One can read about this in our Archive Newsletters Area. It is now the early to mid 2000's and we could again use the help of the Boy and Girl Scouts.

The Mason-Dixon Trail has at least 20 open trail maintenance sections. We could also use maintainer's assistants in a number of sections. Duties include but are not limited to: painting blazes on the trail, using loppers to cut back growth on the trail and patrolling sections of the trail to make sure that there are no issues or closures. If any major issues are noticed, such as blow downs, routing issues or other hazzards, you would contact your trail coordinator and an M-DT Trail Crew can be dispatched to take care of them.

Right now most of our trail maintainers are in their 60's and 70's (including this writer). We need to train and instill pride and desire in the next generation to help keep the Mason-Dixon Trail open for future hikers, runners, backpackers, geocachers, bird watchers, fishermen/women, hunters and nature lovers. The 40th anniversary of the Mason-Dixon Trail System is in October, 2019. We need a new generation of maintainers to get us to a 50th anniversary in 2029 and beyond.

If you are a scout leader and would like to have a service project or Eagle Scout project for your troop or individual Scout, please Contact Us.

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