Mason-Dixon Trail High and Low Points


During the recent period of extreme snow and cold in January/February, 2016 I could not do much outside. So I made good use of my time one day and tried to do web searches for the high point and low point on the Mason-Dixon Trail. I could not find any sites with this information. However, I did find a web site called . It basically uses Google maps and allows one to click on any point on earth and find the longitude, latitude and altitude at that point. So I started playing with it and, after a couple of hours, was able to find various high and low points along the M-DT. Here they are:

Pennsylvania High Point: 964 Feet, Whiskey Springs RD near Franklin Township, PA
   (M-DT 2012 Map 1, MI 0.3 W->E or 18.0 E->W)
Pennsylvania Low Point: 77 Feet, Gut RD between Wago RD & 2nd ST, near Saginaw, PA
   (M-DT 2012 Map 3, MI 0.00 - 1.3 W->E or 16.0 - 17.9 E->W)

The high point for Pennsylvania is also the high point for the entire Mason-Dixon Trail. I initially had Newcut and Posey RDS as the high point. But after researching the AT Companion, I had to change it to about 0.3 miles east of the western terminus of the MDT.

Maryland High Point: 441 Feet, Bald Hill, near Castleton, MD
   (M-DT 2012 Map 6, MI 4.0 W->E or 17.3 E->W)
Maryland Low Point: 1 Foot, North Park Trail, Havre de Grace, MD
   (M-DT 2012 Map 7, MI 0.9 W->E or 13.3 E->W)

The high point for Maryland is stated on Map 6 as 440 feet and is slightly northeast from where it occurs on Google maps. And the low point at Havre de Grace is really 1.27 feet. But we're in the ballpark here. The low point in Maryland is also the low point for the entire Mason-Dixon Trail.

Delaware High Point: 414 Feet, Near intersection of Meetinghouse & Auburn Mill RDS, near Hockessin,
(M-DT 2012 Map 10, MI 6.3 W->E or 11.5 E->W)
Delaware Low Point: 78 Feet, Muddy Run near Pleasant Valley RD, near Newark, DE
   (M-DT 2012 Map 9, MI 0.9 W->E or 17.9 E->W)

Delaware appears to have the least difference between it's low point and high point.

So there you have the various high points and low points along the Mason-Dixon Trail.

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