New M-DT Hiker Privy Available on Map 1

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If you have ever hiked the 6 miles of the Mason-Dixon Trail between Franklintown
Map 1 Location of Church Privy
  Map 1 Location of Church Privy
and State Game Land 242, PA (Map 1) you know that:
1. The trail is on roads.
2. The area is mostly farms and houses.
3. There are not a lot of places to "go".
Now there is. The Mount Zion United Methodist Church, at the corner of Mount Zion RD and Mountain RD, has a new privy behind the church. And they have informed us that hikers of the Mason-Dixon Trail are welcome to use it.

A bit of background, here: This church was built in 1854. It didn't have electrity until some time in the early to mid twentieth century. It has never had water or septic. Hence, the privy. It has about 15 members and a part time pastor.

The Mason-Dixon Trail currently goes right past this church. In fact, it is
Mt. Zion UM Church, PA
  Mt. Zion UM Church, PA
a good place to stop and take a break on their front step. When I hiked this section last year I stopped here and used the privy. It was 90% full at that time. So I called the pastor of the church after my hike and informed him of that fact and asked if it was possible if M-DT hikers could use it in the future. I even offered a small contribution towards emptying it. I later got a call from a lady from this church saying thanks for the feedback, that the privy didn't meet code so they were going to tear it down and either build or obtain a new one. About a year later (July 13, 2016) she called me again and said that they had gotten a new portable privy and that users of the Mason-Dixon Trail were welcome to use it.

So we now have a place to "go" while hiking this section of the Mason-Dixon Trail. Thanks to Mount Zion UM Church, PA.

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