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The partnership between the Mason-Dixon Trail System and hikingproject.com began around August, 2016. Since then we have created a Club Page that has hikes along the M-DT submitted by us as well as other users. One of the neat things about this site is that they offer what are called 'widgets'. These are links to code on their site that allow us to graphically display portions of our trail on this site. Below is an example of an area widget. It shows the 3 hikes that we have listed along the Susquehanna River in PA on hikingproject.com as of 11/30/2016. Feel free to move the maps around to see other trails in the area:

Next we have a trail widget. For this example we chose a hike along the M-DT from Lock 12 to Posey RD, PA that was submitted by Liz Stevens. Again, you can move this map around to see other trails in the area:

Finally, we have a conditions widget. Unfortionately, not all of the trails have conditions listed for them. This one again shows the area of the M-DT between PA462 and PA372 along the Susquehanna River in PA:

These widgets are very cool technology and we hope to include them on this web site in the future. hikingproject.com, which is a subsidiary of REI, is free to join and anyone can upload .gpx files of trails that you have hiked, including the Mason-Dixon Trail. You can also upload pictures of the trail. When you download their app onto your smart phone, you can then see the trail that you are hiking on and know exactly where you are on that trail. So visit hikingproject.com and see the hiking tool of the future today.

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