Jack Hauler attains Quadruple Crown

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Earlier this spring we had 3 people send us a report that they had completed a section hike of the Mason-Dixon Trail. You can read that article here. At that time I mentioned to Jack Hauler, who was one of these hikers, that we were working on a Quadruple Crown Award that consisted of hiking and/or running the following trails in a huge loop in PA, MD and DE:

Trail Name Mileage
Mason-Dixon Trail, PA, MD, DE 200
Brandywine Trail, PA 35
Horse-Shoe Trail, PA 140
A portion of the AT in PA 53
Grand Total: 428

The above distances vary as these trails are always getting re-routed. Jack had already section hiked the M-DT between 2014 and 2016. He had already hiked the Horse-Shoe Trail between 2000 and 2002. He had ran the entire Brandywine Trail in one day in 2013. He had section hiked the AT from Delaware Water Gap, PA to Duncannon, PA as a Boy Scout while in high school and college. And he had hiked the AT from Whiskey Springs, PA to PA641 between 2014 and 2016. So all he had left to do was about 15 miles of the AT between PA641 and Duncannon. He hiked this remaining distance between March and July, 2016.

Jack submitted his documentation to us shortly thereafter. It looked good so we are going to award him the Quadruple Crown Certificate. This prestigeous award is named after the late Rick Maerker, who was the last recorded person to accomplish this feat back in the early 1990's. Rick was also a past treasurer and president of the M-DTS.
Quadruple Crown Certificate
  Quadruple Crown Certificate

So congradulations to Jack Hauler! This is a great accomplishment and deserves to be recognized. If you happen to complete a section or thru hike of the Mason-Dixon Trail or the Quadruple Crown, please Contact Us and let us know so that we can publicize this feat and give you the appropriate certificate.

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