M-DTS Publishes 1st Georeferenced Map

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The Mason-Dixon Trail System just recently published it's first georeferenced map. After becoming a vendor for avenza.com our first map that we will offer as a free download is our Otter Creek Trails map. Some of the Link to pdf-viewer site companies that sell maps via this site include National Geographic, the U.S. Forest Service and the New York - New Jersey Trail Conference. We will describe below what this product is and how this will help hikers on the trail.

Georeferencing refers to the process of associating locations on a physical map with spatial locations. This process allows users to utilize various functions such as knowing where they are on a given map or how far away they are from a given map area. GPS's utilize this technology.

The way that the partnership with Avenza works is that we upload maps to their store. Right now we are or will be uploading various free maps. When our next Mason-Dixon Trail map set is published the plan is to georeference those maps and sell them within the Avenza store.

Link to Avenza siteMaps downloaded from the Avenza store can only be viewed through a smart phone. You first download the Avenza app called pdf-viewer from either Google Play, the Apple App Store or the Microsoft Apps Store. Once the app is installed on your smart phone you will see a shopping icon at the top center of the screen. Just tap the icon and search for Mason Dixon Trail. You will then see a map with pins attached to our maps. Tap on one and you will see a description and price. Just tap install and you are ready to go.

The pdf-viewer app allows you to import maps from your smart phone that you either download or receive via attached mail. However, maps downloaded from the Avenza store cannot be emailed, exported or uploaded. We hope to be providing more maps to Avenza in the near future.

Our philosophy on these digital maps is that they are a supplement for existing paper maps and not just a replacement for them. We look forward to a long and beneficial partnership with Avenza. So check out the pdf-viewer and a Mason-Dixon Trail digital georeferenced map today!

Avenza Consumer Flyer (Front)

Avenza Consumer Flyer (Back)

(These files take awhile to download.)

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