Many Improvements Made to Eastern M-DT

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Our trail maintainers on the eastern end of the Mason-Dixon Trail have been hard at work getting the trail fixed up and spruced up for spring and
Repaired Bridge near Cossart RD, PA
  Repaired Bridge near Cossart RD, PA
summer. Here are some of the things that they have recently accomplished:

  ♦ The bridge near Cossart RD, PA washed downstream last year. The trail crew recovered the bridge, let it dry out, then re-installed it on 4-18-2016 along with a higher clearance and tie downs so it is less likely to wash away in the future. They also added some guide posts near this bridge.

  ♦ They then built another bridge close by to the one listed above that now goes over a 'mucky drainage area'.

  ♦ Our maintainers have spent this spring clearing invasive growth on the M-DT along the Christina River near Newark, DE.

  ♦ On 4-26-2016 our maintainers along with students from the University of Delaware relocated about 250 feet of trail that was eroding into the Christina River again near Newark, DE.
Image of Improved Areas
  Image of Improved Areas

  ♦ They have a number of other projects planned within the vicinity of Newark, DE in the coming months.

  ♦ Our trail crew recently added directional signs at the Mason-Dixon and the Brandywine Trail junction.

  ♦ The trail has been reblazed and branches cut back between Elkton, MD and the MD/DE border.

Our hats are off to Mike Ott, Pete McLaughlin, Gary Kirk and all of the other maintainers of the eastern end of the Mason-Dixon Trail. It is because of their dedication that the M-DT is open and hike-able. If you would like to help maintain a section of the M-DT, please Contact Us

To view additional images from this project, visit our Photo Gallery.

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