Cecil County, MD: The M-DT Needs You!

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The Mason-Dixon Trail is in need of maintainers in Cecil County, MD. If you look at our Trail Maintenance Sections Available page you will see that we have at least 10 positions available in the following areas:

Perryville, MD- Between the US40 Hatem Bridge and just past Rodgers Tavern at the RXR bridge there is a 1.3 mile road walking stretch available through the town of Perryville. Duties include patrolling this stretch and checking the blazes every 3-6 months.

Perryville Greenway, MD- Between the RXR bridge and Ikea Way, MD this 1.3 mile stretch is on grass, a paved trail and a sidewalk. It basically goes half way around the border of Perry Point VA Hospital. Again, it just needs to be patrolled and the blazes checked every 3-6 months.

East of Perryville, MD- This 3.1 mile stretch is along Ikea Way, MD7 and Belvedere RD. It can be driven every 3-6 months to make sure that the blazes are fresh and that there are no road closures.

West of North East, MD- This stretch of 2.4 miles is about 95% roads but does include a short stretch along a former cable right of way for about .4 miles. It then traverses Catalpa, Northwoods, Razor Strap, Wells Camp, US40, MD272 and then ends at the center of North East, MD at the intersection of MD7 and MD272. It should be checked for blazing and road closures every 3-6 months.

North East, MD- This .2 mile stretch could be combined with the above section. It is on roads and consists of MD7 Philadelphia RD and Cemetary RD.

Elk Neck State Forest, MD- We are probably going to split this area into smaller sections so we do need maintainers in this forest. The total distance is 7.5 miles now but will probably be split into 3 or 4 sections.

Elkton Area, MD- This is a 3.1 mile road stretch that includes Harminski, Jones Chapel, Landing Lane, Main ST and Howard ST. It also includes a short off road stretch through Elder Park. Again, driving this section and checking blazes every 3-6 months is all that is required.

West of MD/DE State Line- This road walking stretch includes Melbourne, East Village and Delancy RDS and is about .9 miles.

DE/MD State Line- This 1.4 mile section could be combined with the above section. It includes Delancy, Wheelehouse, Thatch Court and a utility right of way. Patrolling, checking blazes and making sure that the utility right of way is passable are all that are needed in this stretch.

So there you have it. Even on the road walking stretch we do need people to just keep an eye on things and/or possibly help us out with other projects in the area. This stretch of the Mason-Dixon Trail is vital to connect Susquehanna State Park to Elk Neck State Forest in Maryland as well as to White Clay Creek State Park in Delaware.  Cecil County, MD: The Mason-Dixon Trail needs you!  If you would like to help us out in this endeavor, please Contact Us

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