2017 Resolution: Help the M-DT

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This is the time of the year when people start thinking about New Years resolutions. Well, here is one: Volunteer to help the M-DT in 2017!   Below are various ways that you can help the Mason-Dixon Trail:
  • Hike the M-DT. Hiking in general is good for your health. The more people that use the trail the more feedback we get as far as trail conditions and suggestions to improve it.

  • Join the M-DTS. You can become a member of the Mason-Dixon Trail System and get an M-DT map Here.

  • Become an M-DT Maintainer. We are always in need of maintainers. We need people that enjoy working on trails in the outdoors. No experience required. We also need Maintainer's Assistants. You would work with a maintainer on a given section of trail as well as on other projects if you wish. We even need trail observers and patrols. If you live on a road that the M-DT traverses you could keep an eye out for things like worn trail blazes, road closures that would affect the trail and make suggestions to us for ways to improve the trail. You could even drive a section of the trail that is on roads and report any issues.

  • Other Volunteer Positions. We have various volunteer positions available within the Mason-Dixon trail System that don't involve working on trails. Check them out Here.

  • Become an M-DTS Board Member. We ocasionally have openings on our Board of Directors for various reasons. We will have a number of retirements coming up in the next few years so now is the time to inquire.

It takes a lot of volunteers to maintain a 200 mile hiking and running trail. If you would like to help the M-DT in 2017, please Contact Us.

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